Increase your business intelligence with PacsoftNG marina management software

Marina, Dry Stack, Haulout, Boatyard, Yacht Club

PacsoftNG is your one stop marine management software solution catering for marinas, dry stacks, haulouts, boatyards, harbours and Yacht Clubs, providing small and large operations with a comprehensive set of rich features to run all aspects of your business.


Save both time and money through automating and integrating daily tasks, serving customers more effectively while maintaining tight control over business processes and performance.

Supporting all the needs of your business to maximise growth.


Improve Revenue Opportunities

Management insight and control into all aspects of the business

Allow new staff to practice and learn the software in a safe training environment identical to the live environment

Improved Efficiency and Staff Productivity

Improve cash flow management with prompt invoicing, automatic payment options and increased accounting control

Enjoy a flexible solution that integrates with and can adapt to your specific business needs

Risk Mitigation

Reduce dependence on key staff members

Receive all the revenue due with strong controls and audit capability on operations and accounting

Maintain tight control over business performance through powerful reporting tools

Reduce valuable time spent on multiple-entry or looking for information

Revenue management & growth = smarter business

The PacsoftNG Marina Management System is an easy yet powerful marina management system. It streamlines marina operations enabling maximisation of revenue opportunities as well as providing insightful reports and analysis. Designed to meet the management needs of the day-to-day operations of Marinas, Boatyards, Dry stacks, Harbours and Yacht Clubs.

Pacsoft Marina Management Mobile Interface
Pacsoft Marina Management Dashboard

Supporting you as you grow

Pacsoft supports marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs worldwide to deliver a real business advantage to their customers. From evaluation to training and implementation, we work with you every step of the way. Pacsoft understands that your business model may change and you will look to grow your business over time, which is why we continue to work with and develop the software as you grow.

Software Empowering Staff

The PacsoftNG marina & boatyard system adds significant value to a business operation by improving efficiency, providing flexible charging features and strong management reporting to assist decision-making and business performance KPI’s.