PacsoftNG Software Features

How can PacsoftNG deliver greater efficiency?

Pacsoft’s software solutions possess a range of capabilities and features that can simplify business life and most importantly save you time and money through superior marina management.


The Marina and Boatyard sector is one of the more complex business environments to navigate – water space rental turn over, dry stack rental management, leasing ownership, Body Corporate management, utility management, car parking, accounting and finances, retail shop operation, boat moving and servicing, compliance, the list goes on.


Typically the above business functions would be operated, administered and managed by a small number of staff, which could add up to big costs on the year’s balance sheet. Software systems looking to save owners/managers time and money must provide management solutions and a range of easy-to-use tools to simplify business life on the marina.

Core Module


The Core Module provides users the ability to maintain information for customers, berths and vessels, a rich comprehensive source of information for customer service, operations and marketing.

Accounting & Auto Payment


PacsoftNG features integrated accounts receivable with automatic invoice calculations and emailing invoices, batch processing to invoice all recurring invoices, full receipt reconciliation and audit, options for automatic direct debit and credit card charging and a full range of enquiry options and reports. Importing charges from 3rd party systems and full capability to interface financial systems reduces the time spent on account processing and improves accuracy.

Accounting Systems Interfaces


PacsoftNG integrates with a wide range of financial packages, including: MYOB, QuickBooks, Oracle, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and more, either at a transaction or general journal level with options for flexible period reporting including daily revenue reporting and automatic future revenue accrual/deferred revenue and posting.

Asset & Schedule Management


A specialised marina asset and schedule management module to manage assets, plan replacements, budget, manage preventative maintenance and other operational schedules, e.g. compliance requirements, health and safety checks.

Boatyard Service Job Costing


The service module allows quoting on vessel maintenance and repair jobs, tracking costs associated with work in progress, creation of purchase orders, monitoring and controlling inventory levels, full job costing, labour timesheets, inventory management and much more.

Club Membership Management


The Membership Module allows marina yacht clubs to record and manage memberships. Fully integrated within PacsoftNG the Membership Module provides the ability to record a range of membership information and activity, together with the management of related charges or subscriptions, and marketing the club activities.

Haulout & Yard Management


The Boatyard Module allows users to quickly manage bookings for travel lift, slipways and cradles; make quick booking changes with mouse drag and drop, add yard standing charges and other services such as extra wash time and forklift hire; generate quotes, invoices and operational reports for haul out and yard management.

Leasing/Ownership Management


Catering for the management of long term leasing or ownership of individual sites, slips, berths or land-based properties. The module allows you to manage transfers and sales, payment and schedule of payments, annual charge plans, sub-leasing and more.

Marina & Rental Management


The rental management module allows quick and easy berth or dry stack booking, arrival check in, departure check out and movement management. Pacsoft Smart Invoicing automatically calculates charges or credits based on changes in the arrival or departure dates or changes in location. Rental pooling and sub-leasing options with automatic rental credit calculations. Full occupancy and revenue reporting.

Mobile PacsoftNG


Perform your dock walk, utility meter readings and collect operational notes or client requests for follow-up while walking on the marina using smart phone, iPad or Windows Tablet option. Staff can access key information while on the marina. The Windows Tablet option provides remote access to information, and ability to process rentals and product sales throughout the marina, automatically sending invoices by email and/or SMS text message. Inputs can be live or offline sync enabled.

Retail, Fuel & Ship Shop Point of Sale


A full retail point-of-sale system for your sales, fuel sales and ship shop chandlery, providing inventory management and integration with the boatyard job costing to post ship shop items used on a vessel repair or maintenance jobs.

Security Access Control System Interfaces


PacsoftNG has the ability to integrate with security access control systems. Manage your access cards from PacsoftNG and automatically updates the access control system.

Utility Meter Interfaces


PacsoftNG has the ability to integrate with utility systems, for example, electricity and water. Manage your utility supply and read utility meters from your desktop within NG. Batch reading or scheduled reading of all meters ready for invoicing.

Visual Marina & Boatyard Maps


A scaled map of your marina, boatyard and mooring layout where users can immediately see the true physical location of vessels in slips/berths or on the hardstand makes it easy to plan bookings. Arrivals and departures lists can be displayed to assist planning movements, providing excellent management overview of the admin process.

PacsoftNG Features

Feature or Module


Pacsoft Core Module (Core Database, Visual Marina, Basic Messaging)Core Mandatory Module, Database, customer, vessel and sites, products and services tariff rates, etc, Visual Mapping, Quick Query, Mail Merging and export to Excel, basic Messaging (SMS/Email), Smart Note functions (CRM, actions, event recording, document, photo storage, profiling
User Groups and Menu Access ControlSetup User Groups and limit Menu item and Quick Query Access to user groups, used for Security and to simplify the user interface for different types of user
Rental Standard ModuleRental Functionality, e.g. Berths, Racks, Land Site, Tenancies, Lockers, Containers etc; Booking, Invoicing, operations, occupancy & revenue reporting, agreement document printing, dockwalks reports, Site inventory auditing and reporting, operational reports
Sub Leasing Berths & Automatic Rental Credit GenerationAbility to sub-rent a site while the original renter is away with options to automatically generate credits back to the original renter
Rental Pooling OptionAdd-on to Sub Leasing - to pool the credits generated and distribute to original renters on various formula, e.g. the number of days their site was made available
Vessel Movements (Logging/Charging)Booking and optionally charging for moving a boat, typically for launching/retrieving trailer boats stored in a trailer park
Rack/Trailer Park Queue ManagementA mobile application to allow launch requests to be logged and displayed on the forklift or tractor driver for action. Easy return of launched vessels to the rack or park
Trailer Park Visual Marina Display for Lite SitesOption to display 'Lite' sites (low value sites with Pacsoft Lite site Licence) on the visual map
Advanced Occupancy & Revenue Analysis & ReportingCustomised specialised Occupancy and Revenue reporting & dashboards
Smart Seasonal Berth Management & InvoicingRental booking & invoicing cycles from Winter to Summer with varying season start and end dates with option for part payment plans
Accounting Standard Module (A/c Receivable only)Accounts Receivable Module, Monetary Receipt Reconciliation, Aged Reporting, Statements, transaction entry, manual sales & receipting, importing charges from 3rd party systems, e.g. Fuel, batch invoicing processing, accounting and sales reports
Accounts Receivable Module, Monetary Receipt Reconciliation, Aged Reporting, Statements, transaction entry, manual sales & receipting, importing charges from 3rd party systems, e.g. Fuel, batch invoicing processing, accounting and sales reports
Pacsoft Open Item Accounts PayableAccounts Payable Feature, direct crediting vendors, or optional interfacing to financial Accounts Payment system
Finance ChargeAutomatically charge an overdue fee for unpaid accounts
Pre-Pay/Voucher PaymentsPrepaid 'vouchers' to be redeemed for future services, e.g. buy 30 days berthing, 10 Lift & Washes, etc
Automatic Direct Debit Payment ProcessingAutomatically create a direct debit file to be importing into Banking programs, automatic creation of receipts for customer and allocation to invoices paid
'Card Holder Present' CC & EFTPOS (Plus 3rd party fees)Automated credit card charging when card holder is not present, automatic creation of receipts for customer and allocation to invoices paid (Payment Express & Monteros Processors)
Multi-Currency ReceiptingAbility to receipt different currencies
Multi-Currency InvoicingAbility to invoice different currencies
NG Boatyard Haulout ModuleBoatyard Haulout and Storage Module, quoting, charging for device use (e.g. a travel lift) and charging for hardstand use and any other services provided
Resource Bookings eg Travel Lift BookingsBooking Calendar for device use, integrated with boatyard storage jobs, activity reports, yard checks
Resource Bookings Display Tide StateBooking Calendar provide warnings on lift time suitability taking into account the vessel draft and tidal state
Display Vessels on Hardstand on Visual MarinaDisplay vessels on the hardstand map, allowing representation of actual location of vessel in the yard or tenancies
NG Boatyard Job Costing Service (Add-on to Boatyard including Inventory Mngt)Job Costing Module, time, inventory, purchases, device use, rental (ongoing charges), and miscellaneous charges, Quoting, Job Costing, Job Cards, Time Reporting, operational and Job reports
Integration with Pacsoft NG Account PayablePacsoft Accounts Payment Option with direct credit Vendor option
Other Modules
Mobile Dockwalk Web based (Excluding hardware devices)Mobile platform target for 'pad' devices providing dockwalk recording, utility meter reading, operational note recording, automatically upload to Site Inventory for history and reporting
Mobile NG POS Windows Tablet based (Excluding hardware devices)Mobile point of sale, Dockwalk, utility meter reading, new or amend rental bookings, add other charges, mobile sales, Receipting, check-in, check-out, synchronise with office database, email/SMS invoices and receipts, offline capable
Dry Stack Launch/Retrieval Queue ManagementBooking Queue for forklift/tractor launch/retrieval services from rack or land storage
Asset and Schedule ManagementAsset Management, replacement planning & budgeting, warranty details, status recording, break fix and condition notes, action lists, deprecation reporting, preventative and other schedule action management
Membership ManagementMember profiling, CRM features, marketing and communications, integration with F&B systems, and membership billing
Contractor ManagementManaging Contractor insurance, license status, allocation of gate access cards
Leasing/Ownership ManagementManagement of long term lease ownership on sites/berths, transfer of leases, operating expense charging, history of lease ownership, sub leasing with automatic credits to lease owner, owner occupied, private renter and marina managed rentals, colour coded on visual map
Purchase ManagementPurchase Management Module, request for quotes, purchase orders, packing slip receipting, supplier invoices, mark up options to allocate to inventory, job purchases, customer charges, transactional charges, optional interface capability to 3rd party Financial Accounts Payable system
Pacsoft Point of Sale (excluding inventory management)Retail Point of Sale System, bar code selection items, touch screen, POS printer, optional integrated with EFTPOS/Credit Card terminals, transfer to customer account or boatyard Job,
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Inventory Management
Retail Point of Sale System, bar code selection items, touch screen, POS printer, optional integrated with EFTPOS/Credit Card terminals, transfer to customer account or boatyard job,
Inventory Managementinventory management module, average weighted costing, re-order reports, stock take function, automate pricing update on purchase, multiple inventory locations
Automated Messaging (requires 3rd Party SMS services)Overnight Process to automatically generate messages (SMS/Email) to customer or employees based on pre-set confirm arrivals on net day, confirm travel lift bookings, etc
Internet Pacsoft Web Interface Add-In (Plus 3rd party fees)Web Site components to allow adding customer booking enquiry, rental bookings, invoicing and payment, customer and vessel details update, account enquiries to your company web site
App Pacsoft API Interface (Plus 3rd party fees)API interfaces to allow companies to provide adding customer booking enquiry, rental bookings, invoicing and payment, customer and vessel details update, account enquiries to your company web site to company developed 'Apps'
Invoice Credit Card Payment Option (Plus 3rd party fees)Ability to add a 'button' on emailed invoices PDFs to allow customer to open secure payment web page and automatically receipt and allocate receipt to invoice
Post Dated Cheque (PDC) ReportingCustomised Aged Balance reporting with or without 'post-dated cheques'
Thailand BOI Invoicing ModuleCustomised invoicing and accounting for Thailand 'BOI' investment within the marina or boatyard
Messaging (requires 3rd Party SMS services)Ability to select selected messages (SMS/Email) to customers or employees using pre-set message templates
Financial System Interface
• General Ledger Interface, or
• Transactional
Automatic interface to Financial Accounting
• General Ledger, posting sales and receipts
• Transaction uploading
General Ledger Interface Revenue Spread Add-onAbility to generate revenue spreading based on rental or service period, e.g. spread an annual invoice into the accounting period over the year of the invoiced period
Xero GL Interface SupplementGeneral Ledger interface specifically for the 'Xero' Financial System
Security Gate Access Control System InterfaceCustomised integration with Security Gate system to allow Pacsoft entry of access cards/keys issued to customers to automatically update the gate system
Integration with Food & Beverage Point of Sale SystemCustomised Integration with Food & Beverage Systems to validate a customer’s ability to charge and within credit limit, add the F&B charge to the customer account
Pacsoft Utility System Connector for 0 MetersCustomised Integration with Utility Metering systems (electric & water) to allow meter allocation, turn on / off, read one or read all meters to be charged and invoiced to the customer
Club MembershipSynchronise member details with club membership systems, ability to add marina and boatyard charges to the membership system


Provide us with details about your operation and we will formulate a solution for your marina, boatyard or shipyard – obligation free.