Marina Management Software

Supporting all the needs of your business to maximise growth.


PacsoftNG is your one-stop marine management software solution catering for marinas, harbours and yacht clubs, providing small and large operations with a comprehensive set of rich features to run all aspects of your business.


Save both time and money through automating and integrating daily tasks, serving customers more effectively while maintaining tight control over business processes and performance.

Improve Revenue Opportunities


  • Audit with the dock walk to ensure all boats in the marina are correctly invoiced
  • Visual Marina enables simple optimisation as vessels and berths are drawn to scale ensuring revenue opportunities are maximised
  • Smart invoicing increases accuracy and reduces pricing mistakes due to staff calculation errors
  • Comprehensive operational data collection enables targeting of customers for new revenue opportunities
  • Increased productivity provides more time for up-selling

Management Insight and Control


  • The Visual Marina provides a simple and easy audit for management to ensure the invoicing system is up-to-date and accurate
  • Make fast, informed decisions based on accurate, current and future data
  • Operations view provides information at your fingertips
  • Integrated accounts receivable allows quick and efficient resolution of customer queries online, visibility of outstanding balances and easy overdue debt chasing
  • Encapsulates customer and vessel knowledge in the system which transcends staff changes

Improved Cash Flow


  • More prompt and automatic invoicing options
  • Options for automatic direct debiting or credit card charging from the customer’s bank account
  • Ability to automatically charge a finance charge on overdue accounts

Improved Customer Service


  • Fully detailed informative invoices
  • Smart notes to record and track customer requests for action – your CRM system
  • Full details of customers and boats, allowing more personal contact, understanding customer needs and any special requirements when handling the boat

Improved Efficiency and Staff Productivity


  • Visual Marina and grid views aid planning with future views of berth occupancy
  • ‘Drag & Drop’ vessel movements in the marina or hardstand provide great usability for staff
  • Automatic batch invoicing of all invoices due
  • Automatic upload of sales and receipt details into your financial system
  • Smart Invoicing provides multiple and flexible calculation methods, reducing staff time for booking, invoicing and reducing billing mistakes
  • Options for automatic direct debiting from the customer’s bank account or credit card charges and automatically allocating receipts to the invoices paid
  • Automatic creation of rental credits when sub-leasing or sub-letting berths
  • Automatic invoicing for berth license holders, operating expense re-charges and asset maintenance fees
  • Mobile dock walk, collection of meter readings and recording of any operational data or customer requests
  • Ability to interface to ‘Utility Metering Systems’, turn meter on, allocate to a boat, record meter readings, final reading and turn meter off
  • Ability to interface to security gate control systems for improved card management and staff efficiencies
  • Ability to automatically print agreements, letters and other documents e.g. berth rental and car park permits
  • Fast efficient booking and invoicing for casual renters
  • Increased utilisation and reduction in training costs with ease-of-use

Risk Mitigation


  • Reduces reliance on key staff members
  • Strong auditability over operations and accounting to ensure you receive all the revenue due
  • Simple process to manage customer insurance and electrical certification requirements
  • Record previous boat lifting and chocking details
  • Support avoidance of personal credit card industry data storage standards (PCI DSS)
  • Improved safety, security and business resilience with business data stored electronically, enabling restore of data in the event of a fire or a natural disaster
  • Compliance support

What our clients say


“After the recent purchase and implementation of PacsoftNG at the Anchorage Marina, I can unequivocally say it’s been a huge step forward in efficiency and control over the administration of all aspects of the Marina.


In making the transition from the old system to Pacsoft, the day to day life of running the Marina was made as painless as possible by the excellent support and back up by the Pacsoft team. I would have no qualms in recommending this marina management software to any other Marina.”


Patrick Whetter – Anchorage Marina


Provide us with details about your operation and we will formulate a solution or your marina – obligation free.

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