PacsoftNG and Microsoft Power BI integration

Increase your marina intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

Pacsoft’s integration with Microsoft Power BI provides a fantastic opportunity for marina and boatyard managers to receive greater insight into Key Performance Indicators. Power BI allows you to view a dashboard of key items, enabling you to monitor the operation and performance of your marina or boatyard. These insights are made instantly accessible on Tablet & Mobile Devices for increased business intelligence on-the-go.

Power BI transforms your marina and boatyard data into rich visuals for you to collect, organise and easily access. The dashboard provides a 360-degree view for all marina owners/operators with the most important metrics in one place, updated in real-time and available on all Tablet and Mobile devices. With the click of a button you can delve into the data in your dashboard and easily find information and key insights.


Insights can be tailored to suit your unique marina and boatyard needs, including:


  • Travel lift counts
  • Average of vessel LOA by year
  • Average of duration days
  • Occupancy by site type
  • Average hardstand days
  • Average of EarnedPerMetre by year
  • Job Labour, inventory and purchases sales
  • Count of arrivals
  • Revenue charge length


You don’t need to be a data analyst or fan of so called ‘big data’ to utilise Power BI for your marina or boatyard business. A quick consultation or training session with one of the team at Pacsoft will have you up to speed and ready to create powerful insights on-the-go.

Please contact us if you would like more information about how you can add this great tool to your marina management system.


Provide us with details about your operation and we will formulate a solution for your marina, boatyard or shipyard – obligation free.