PacsoftNG Case Studies

Below are some of the stories shared by our clients and how PacsoftNG Marina Management Software has helped them advance their operation.


Half Moon Bay Marina & Boatyard


“Leila and the team at Half Moon Bay Marina & Boatyard have been using the Pacsoft Software since 2002 and the new PacsoftNG system since August 2015. The upgrade to NG was a major breakthrough in customer service and admin efficiency for the team at Half Moon Bay.


In particular, the Boatyard Module which shows a scaled map of the marina, boatyard and mooring; has made bookings that much easier for their customers and staff. They can see the true physical location of vessels in slips/berths which is then shown on a large screen for all to see. This makes the booking system and general administration run far more efficiently.


Arrivals and departures lists can be displayed to assist planning movements, providing excellent management overview of the administration process. This has enabled Leila and the customer service team to avoid the previous double entry of bookings, saving a lot of time and data entry. They have also been freed from having to run 2 programmes at once with their Microsoft Outlook calendar.”


Leila McIntyre
Marina Customer Services
Half Moon Bay Marina & Boatyard



Seaview Marina


Pacsoft Marine Management Software provides the Seaview Marina with a tool that makes business much more simple and helps to integrate our operation. There are many great features to this software which has made a big difference to our marina.


On the financial side, we have easy access to client information that makes our customer service a lot more professional. Having this information at our fingertips means we no longer rely on the local council for sourcing client information.


The Visual Marina Map is another great feature which enables our customers to quickly view the berths and the incoming arrivals and outgoing departures. This is not only a great visual feature for the customer, but for our staff and management too.



Alan McLellan
Seaview Marina


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