Pacsoft Services and Consultation

The Pacsoft team believe marina managers who are well informed on their IT management system can save both time and money through superior marina management.


It is commonplace for marina managers to shy away from hands on use of their IT management system and often rely on junior staff to operate the system. This can reduce the opportunity to use a strong IT system as staff tend to be motivated to learn just enough to do their job but not to push themselves to utilise the full potential of the system – improving the business along the way.


Due to a potential lack of knowledge of the systems’ capabilities, management can miss out on the real opportunities for improving the business operation, productivity, efficiency and management insight reporting. Marina managers who understand the potential and intricacies of their IT management systems are set to reap the business rewards.


From evaluation to training to implementation, we work with you every step of your business journey so you can enjoy the business benefits that the Pacsoft software offers:


  • Pre-implementation consulting to determine best processes to meet business needs
  • Project planning for implementation project
  • Data preparation and cleaning
  • System configuration and advice
  • User training
  • Implementation assistance and management
  • Accounting cut over support
  • Customised system operations manual
  • Go-live support
  • Ongoing training and consulting to develop best use of system
  • Support assistance


Increase your business intelligence.

From evaluation to training to implementation, we work with you to maximise your resource and profits.