PacsoftNG Testimonials

PacsoftNG Testimonials

Coral Sea Marina Resort


“We have been working closely with Sean Cocks, Business Development Manager (Pacsoft) doing weekly training sessions and finding out how the program can further benefit our business. We have 520 berths at Coral Sea Marina and with the trend towards multihulls becoming more popular our allocations team were spending a great deal of time manually calculating berth dimensions against the width of the multihull to determine what vessel we could allocate next to it. Our goal is to always maximise lineal occupancy and we knew there had to be way for the system to do the work for us.  Sean and the team at Pacsoft designed the “adjacent berths” function which automatically calculates the remaining width in a berth with a vessel already in it.  This function has saved allocation time and resources, but also now permits a simplified booking process for our daily arrivals. 


Throughout our recent program review, we have introduced many other new features that the Pacsoft system can offer, from its new “fleet berths” for our commercial operators, to quick query reporting, smart note data collection as well as simple features like the “pop up box” for guest check-in. These new functions have created efficiencies across the team and also enhanced the guest experience, by allowing us to spend more time with guests at check-in and build that important relationship.     


The Pacsoft support team offer helpful, timely and detailed responses to any question we pose. They ensure we understand the capabilities of the feature and how best to maximise it for optimum business performance.”


Amy Nichols – Guest Services Manager

Anchorage Marina


“After the recent purchase and implementation of PacsoftNG at the Anchorage Marina, I can unequivocally say it’s been a huge step forward in efficiency and control over the administration of all aspects of the Marina.


In making the transition from the old system to Pacsoft, the day to day life of running the Marina was made as painless as possible by the excellent support and back up by the Pacsoft team. I would have no qualms in recommending this marina management software to any other Marina.”


Patrick Whetter – Manager

Half Moon Bay Marina


“The team at Half Moon Bay Marina & Boatyard have been using Pacsoft software since 2002 and the updated PacsoftNG software since August 2015. The upgrade to PacsoftNG was a major breakthrough in customer service and admin efficiency for the team at Half Moon Bay.


In particular, the Boatyard Module which shows a scaled map of the marina, boatyard and mooring; has made bookings that much easier for customers and staff. They can see the true physical location of vessels in slips/berths which is then shown on a large screen for all to see. This makes the booking system and general administration run far more efficiently.


Arrivals and departures lists can be displayed to assist planning movements, providing excellent management overview of the administration process. This has enabled the customer service team to avoid the previous double entry of bookings, saving a lot of time and data entry. They have also been freed from having to run 2 programs at once with their Microsoft Outlook calendar.”


Leila McIntyre – Marina Customer Services

Seaview Marina


“Pacsoft Marine Management Software provides Seaview Marina with a tool that makes business much more simple and helps to integrate our operation. There are many great features to this software which has made a big difference to our marina.


On the financial side, we have easy access to client information that makes our customer service a lot more professional. Having this information at our fingertips means we no longer rely on the local council for sourcing client information.


The Visual Marina Map is another great feature which enables our customers to quickly view the berths and the incoming arrivals and outgoing departures. This is not only a great visual feature for the customer, but for our staff and management too.”


Alan McLellanCEO


PacsoftNG can automate all your operational, booking and financial functions, whilst giving you complete oversight of the entire business.